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14 DEC, 2021

What is a RICS Home Survey and is it right for me?

As part of your home buying journey with us, we will instruct a valuation for the property you are looking to buy. The valuation will be completed by a qualified surveyor but is only for our benefit so you may wish to pay for a more detailed and thorough assessment of the condition of your property and this is known as a RICS Home Survey (Level 2 or Level 3 available).

Sarah Awan

22 SEP, 2021

How to negotiate an offer like a pro

Buying a property for the first time can be an exciting and emotional experience. This isn’t just bricks and mortar, it’s your home and it’s your future.

Jay Curtis

22 SEP, 2021

Common mistakes through the house buying process

At StrideUp we work closely with homebuyers through the process of buying – from the early stages of exploring finance options, right the way through to moving into their new home. We see some of the difficulties people face – here are some tips on common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Rohan Trivedi

22 SEP, 2021

Buying a Home in your 20s

Having graduated university and made it through the hunger games that is the graduate job market at the moment, I decided to turn my attention to taking my first step on the property ladder. Turns out, this is a lot harder than it first appears.

Olivia Newman

22 SEP, 2021

Alternatives to mortgages: what are my options?

Today’s article takes you through your ‘alternatives to mortgages’ options, covering off everything from joint-buys with friends and family to guarantor mortgages, help-to-buy loans and shared ownership.

Jessie Day

22 SEP, 2021

What's wrong with 100% mortgages?

Mortgages as a tool to take leveraged bets on property price appreciations cannot be beaten, but that cannot be the goal of today’s aspirational home buyers. The ‘softer’ benefits of homeownership — security of housing and planting long term roots within a community, can be.

Sakeeb Zaman