How StrideUp works

We believe there should be an easier path to homeownership; one that doesn’t involve spending years renting while trying to save a deposit, or overburdening yourself with a large mortgage.

Buy the share you can afford

With StrideUp you buy the portion of the home you can afford today and when you’re ready, you can buy the rest. With a minimum deposit you could own up to 80% of the property, leaving the remaining 20% for whenever you’re ready.

Calculate your ownership

We share in the downside

If you decide to sell the property and the market value has fallen, we share in some of the loss on our portion. Buy your dream home without taking on excessive risk.

See the numbers

Illustrating how you could buy more

Your annual household income before tax: £50,000

    With StrideUp

    Your home value


    Depends on individual circumstances, this illustration assumes financing of 5.5 times income

    With a mortgage

    Your home value


    Average first time buyer mortgage is 3.6 times income. Source: UK Finance

    Assuming a deposit of £

    Our process

    • Apply with a minimum 15% deposit

      We'll look at your circumstances to determine what you can afford. With, for example, a 15% deposit it's like buying 80% of your home, with StrideUp owning the remaining 20%.

    • We purchase the property together

      Once you’ve found your dream home, we’ll jointly purchase the property. This type of arrangement is an FCA regulated product called a Home Purchase Plan.

    • Settle into your new home

      Think of us like a silent partner on our 20% share - you’re free to make this your own by decorating and personalising as you wish.

    • Make your monthly payments

      You have one monthly payment, made up of rent and purchase payments. This means if you stay with StrideUp for the whole term and don’t make any overpayments, you’ll end up owning your 80% share outright, but you’ll still need to buy our 20% share.

    • Increase your ownership

      As your savings and incomes rise you can increase your share in the property. You always have the right to buy out the remaining share in the property or replace StrideUp with another finance provider.

    Press Reviews

    StrideUp...removes the traditional inefficiencies associated with shared ownership models.
    …provide(s) an alternative to a mortgage, a form of financing that is increasingly out of reach for many.
    …help young people across the country get a footing on the housing ladder.
    StrideUp...removes the traditional inefficiencies associated with shared ownership models.