Cathryn & Joseph

Cathryn and Joseph wanted what most young Londoners want, but which seems increasingly impossible these days - to stop renting and to be able to buy their first home.

The challenge

Cathryn and Joseph had been living and working in London for the past few years, London was the perfect place to launch their careers in communication and the music industry. But, like so many young couples in London, they were on the hunt for somewhere they could call home for the next 5 -10 years while they both continued to build their lives together. They really wanted to move out of the rental market, given the lack of stability and temporary nature of renting. The house prices in London, however, meant buying their dream home with a mortgage seemed just out of reach.

They were looking at alternatives like shared ownership but that meant giving up on that perfect two bedroom house with their own little garden they really wanted. After being stuck on long waiting lists for flats in areas they didn’t really want to move to, they had almost given up hope when they came across StrideUp.

How StrideUp helped

StrideUp helped them bridge the gap between the restrictions of shared ownership and the unaffordability of a mortgage.

With StrideUp, they could buy any home they wanted - not just new build flats in specific locations. It gave them the flexibility of the housing market without requiring them to buy the entire home. They could simply buy the share of the home they could afford today, StrideUp would buy the rest, and hold on to it until they were ready to buy more.

“We’ve actually got our own little house with a garden of our own which we never thought possible”

The process was straightforward. They submitted the application online in minutes. After a short call from our friendly team to walk through the product, they got a Decision in Principle that same day and were soon out house hunting.

StrideUp gave them the flexibility to find a house that suited them, a 2 bedroom property with a garden was now well within their reach, and they had the freedom to look for their dream home anywhere they wanted. StrideUp was there to guide them through the whole process, from that first call, to the day they got the keys, and moved in.

“What sold it for us was that it was going to feel like our home and it does! It is our home, much more than anything else has ever been”

Where are they now?

Right now, Cathryn and Joseph are fully settled into their new home, and we are delighted to have helped them take their first step onto the property ladder without the need for compromises.

“StrideUp was completely transparent with us and made the process really easy. We have been recommending StrideUp to our friends!”

Cathryn and Joseph aren't the only young Londoners to find themselves frustrated with the challenge of buying their first home. Here at StrideUp we want to give people in their situation an alternative that can achieve more and this is certainly one of the best parts of our job. You don’t have to wait around, you can start the hunt for your dream home now, and have the freedom to choose what you want!

Press Reviews

StrideUp...removes the traditional inefficiencies associated with shared ownership models.
…provide(s) an alternative to a mortgage, a form of financing that is increasingly out of reach for many.
…help young people across the country get a footing on the housing ladder.