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StrideUp is changing the way you buy your home, helping you get on the property ladder earlier.

You buy the portion of the home you can afford today and when you’re ready, you can buy the rest.

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  1. Submit an online application in less than 10 mins.
  2. Get a decision in principle and find your dream home.
  3. Speak to one of our helpful experts to guide you through the process.
  4. Enjoy your home.

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”We've been wanting to buy our own home for a long time, but always felt it was just out of reach. StrideUp has changed things. We can now buy a home that fits both our needs and our budget.”

Estibaliz & Jose

”I didn’t want to go for a mortgage and borrowing money. StrideUp is a unique solution that offered me freedom to select a property that suits me and allows me to purchase shares of it as I can afford.”

Mohammad H.

”This is infinitely better than renting...I just wish StrideUp was around a few years earlier and I would have certainly used it and stopped renting much earlier!”


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Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers’ home ownership dreams become a reality.

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StrideUp...removes the traditional inefficiencies associated with shared ownership models.
…provide(s) an alternative to a mortgage, a form of financing that is increasingly out of reach for many.
…help young people across the country get a footing on the housing ladder.
StrideUp...removes the traditional inefficiencies associated with shared ownership models.

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